What does 2023 look like for The Stitchery?

What does 2023 look like for The Stitchery?

As we progress through 2023 the financial forecast don't look good. This has had impacts on our business as we have let staff go. It also means we will be changing some of our products and services.

It hasn't been easy being a business owner - especially a 'baby' business owner (The Stitchery is only one and half years old!). I thought this would be a good medium to share some of my learnings for others, as well as take some of your suggestions. 

It is also a good opportunity to talk about The Stitchery, its purpose, as well as some wider social, commercial, environmental issues that are becoming more prevalent. There are certainly some important things I need to put down 'on paper' for my own well being. Whether people read this blog is another story!


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